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Anti-corrosive Paint
Overview of F53-33 iron red phenolic anti-rust paint: the paint is the anti-rust paint prepared from modified rosin phenolic resin, polyalcohol rosin ester, dry vegetable oil, iron oxide red, extender pigment, drier and solvent oil.
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Industrial Paint
The product, a bi-component self-drying heat resistant paint, shall be evenly mixed in a certain proportion during utilization. Purpose: the product is applicable for heat and corrosion resistances of high temperature equipment, resistance to 500-600℃ high temperature.
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Automobile Paint
The paint, a bi-component automobile primer, shall be evenly mixed in a certain proportion during utilization.
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Furniture Paint
The product is a one-component alkyd coating self-drying at room temperature
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Water-based industrial paint
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Anti-corrosive of anti-corrosive graphene coating
As a new revolutionary heavy-duty coating developed based on graphene, an epoch-making new material, the anti-corrosive graphene coating features super-strong anti-corrosive performance, excellent base material adhesion, extremely high cost performance and convenient construction
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High flash point paint
High flash point series coating is the latest green environmental protection product of the company. It has passed the national NRCC chemical hazard classification report and road cargo transportation condition appraisal, and is a new generation of green environmental protection product. With high boiling point, low toxicity, high safety and other characteristics, it is a new generation of coating products promoted by the country.
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Three Gorges project paint
Three Gorges Project paint is a series of anti-corrosion paint products specially developed for direct user needs. With personalized performance and diversity of design and color, it can meet the actual coating needs of different customers, and it is the concentrated embodiment of the company's product professionalism.
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