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Anti-corrosive Paint
Overview of F53-33 iron red phenolic anti-rust paint: the paint is the anti-rust paint prepared from modified rosin phenolic resin, polyalcohol rosin ester, dry vegetable oil, iron oxide red, extender pigment, drier and solvent oil.
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Industrial Paint
The product, a bi-component self-drying heat resistant paint, shall be evenly mixed in a certain proportion during utilization. Purpose: the product is applicable for heat and corrosion resistances of high temperature equipment, resistance to 500-600℃ high temperature.
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Automobile Paint
The paint, a bi-component automobile primer, shall be evenly mixed in a certain proportion during utilization.
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Furniture Paint
The product is a one-component alkyd coating self-drying at room temperature
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Water-based industrial paint
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Anti-corrosive of anti-corrosive graphene coating
As a new revolutionary heavy-duty coating developed based on graphene, an epoch-making new material, the anti-corrosive graphene coating features super-strong anti-corrosive performance, excellent base material adhesion, extremely high cost performance and convenient construction
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