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Automation engineer

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2024-01-04 17:46

Job responsibilities for face-to-face discussions:
1. Participate in the digital transformation project of the production workshop based on the company's situation, and assist in the research of workshop automation control;
2. Participate in the demonstration, debugging, and implementation of workshop automation control, and assist in the introduction of workshop automation management systems;
3. Track the entire process of introducing production systems, participate in subsequent development, launch, and implementation of technology scenario applications;
4. Responsible for system operation and technical support.
Job requirements:
1. Majors related to automation, computer science, industrial engineering, etc., with excellent grades and solid professional knowledge;
2. Familiar with basic operations such as databases and SQL, at least familiar with one development language such as C/JAVA, and familiar with PLC programming;
3. Strong learning ability, strong sense of responsibility, down-to-earth progress, priority given to those who have relevant scientific research projects and innovative achievements during their school years, and priority given to those with relevant internship experience.


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